Thursday, February 12, 2015

Daniel 7-9: The End of the Matter

Daniel 7:28
Amplified Bible (AMP)

28 Here is the end of the matter. As for me, Daniel, my [waking] thoughts troubled and alarmed me much and my cheerfulness of countenance was changed in me; but I kept the matter [of the interpreting angel’s information] in my heart and mind.
Daniel was a gifted prophetic seer.  Not only did he receive directive and predictive dreams from God, but he was also able to understand those dreams for himself and for others.  This gift can be a emotionally painful cross to carry and a wonderful blessing at the same time.
The Lord has given me directive and predictive dreams as well.  I can identify with Daniel, in that, sometimes the information received "felt" like more than I could bear.  Years ago, I was receiving dreams revelation (a divine or supernatural disclosure) of things to come.  There was a point in my life that I actually asked God to stop giving me the dreams because I didn't "feel" like I could handle the responsibility of knowing.  And the dreams stopped...immediately.  Then I realized the dreams of encouragement also stopped.  I rethought my request and using wisdom asked Abba to "give me only the dreams that I am mature enough to handle." 
My dream life is much different today than it had been in the past.  My current dreams are more about personal direction and encouragement rather then revelations for others.  To be honest, it's a relief.  I think I have a lot more maturing ahead of me.
I'm thankful for my Patient Father!
As I "see" predictive dreams from the past played out today, I remember my calling to pray.  All will be according to Father's will.  His will, will be done!  In the name of my King Jesus, AMEN!!! 

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