Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Lovely Mother

Below I have pasted comments from Facebook in regards to my Lovely Mother (The blond in the first row). We started off this new year on January 2nd when Mom was hospitalized with cellulitis in her leg again. She was sent home on IV antibiotics, which I administered. We just finished the IV antibiotics on January 21st, and then this new problem occurred. Please pray!

Just got a call from Dad that Mom fell yesterday and this morning. I’m hoping it’s just weakness and not the infection flaring again. Mom just finished IV antibiotics last week for a chronic recurring leg infection. Please pray!

January 26 at 11:55am

Mom had difficulty walking again today. She starts physical therapy tomorrow. Jesus, strengthen my Mama. I still need her even at 45 years of age.

January 27 at 7:34pm

Prayer Update: Mom ended up falling again on Thursday for a total of three times this past week. Because her mental status continued to deteriorate, we took her to the ER yesterday. Thank Jesus, we did because her kidney (she only has one) was failing. The docs aren't sure why yet. Please pray! Also, pray for wisdom and strength for me, as I am responsible for some heavy decision-making.

Sun at 7:36am

Prayer Update: I spoke with Mom's nephrologist yesterday. Her remaining kidney is functioning at only 10%. He is not sure what caused the assault on her kidney, but suspects she took an over the counter pain reliever. My bet is still all the heavy-duty antibiotics she needed to take for her multiple infections.

Yesterday at 10:51am

She was pretty with it mentally yesterday. I am thankful we were able to express our love to one another. :)

I was also VERY blessed to be able to share my heart with my dear brother, Alan. He knew I was very tired, and needed to rush off to work. As he hugged me goodbye, he whispered one word in my ear, "Peace."

Thank you my, Dear Brother, you are an absolute blessing to me!!!! I Love you, and work went great!!!!

Yesterday at 10:56am

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Crown of Beauty said...

praying for you and your mom today, dearest Beautiful Grace.

I also loved the Jan 28 entry of Marsha Burns...and it also spoke peace to my heart.

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