Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Confession of a New Year's Eve

I must confess to my blogger friends...my husband, Strongman, bailed me out of jail last night around 10:30 pm. Well, it was New Year's Eve. What do you expect; you can over look a little over indulgence, can't you?

Oh, hold on, I can explain my story of woe...I just kept landing on that darn "Go to Jail" space and picking up that frustrating card commanding me to, "Go to directly to jail; Do not pass go; Do not collect $200." Do you remember now, the game

Strongman, Fire and I played Monopoly for around 2 1/2 hours last evening, while we waited to see the ball at Times Square make its annual descent. Fire was the designated winner, as he held the largest amount of assets when we decided we had enough dice throwing, money collecting and go to jail fun. We teased Strongman by calling him
Lex Luthor and Henry Potter.

Fire, my dear son, saw how poor I had become due to my multiple incarcerations and offered me free rent on his hotel-laden property. I respectfully declined this offer of mercy, because I WANTED TO GO BANKRUPT IN ORDER TO END MY LENGTHY IMAGINATIVE TORTURE!!!

There you have it, my confession...we had a great time, and I'm not sorry for becoming a jailbird. The fun was worth it all!!!


Sandy said...

I think it's so neat that your teenage boys seemed perfectly content to stay home with mom and dad on New Years Eve. Sounds like a fun time, and NYE is a great night to play Monopoly!

We have a fresh air kid that stays with us every summer and all three kids LOVE to play Monopoly together.

Beautiful Grace said...

Actually, Sandy, I had only one of my teenaged boys on NYE. My 18 year old was with friends at a over night youth group function. He actually drove himself...1.5 hours away.

But, Fire, Strongman and I had a blast!!