Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mark 2: Constantly Questioning

What strikes me in today's reading is that no matter what Jesus and His disciples did or did not do, he was constantly questioned about it.

The scribes questioned in their hearts about the authority Jesus had to forgive sins (Mark 2:6).

The Pharisees questioned Jesus about His choice of dinner companions, citing them as sinners (Mark 2:16).

John's disciples fast, but not Yours.  Why? (Mark 2:18)

But Your disciples are picking grain on the Sabbath! That's against the law!!! (Mark 2:24

Have you ever been in a situation where every move and decision you make is questioned?  I imagine it would have the potential to be extremely frustrating.  Yet, Jesus doesn't appear to be frustrated or irritated.  He answers the unbelieving questions with wisdom and power.

It's difficult to believe that they would continue to question Jesus when they witnessed with their own eyes His power.  But they continued to question Jesus because they did not trust in Him.

Asking the Lord a question opens a personal dialogue between you and He.  He desires heart to heart communication.

Questioning the Lord out of a lack of trust reveals just that, a lack of trust.  OUCH!

How many times have we questioned the Lord because we didn't trust Him.  When I catch myself questioning the Lord due to a lack of trust, I ask Him to help me to trust Him.  He really likes that kind of request.

Lord, when the things around seem to be going the opposite of our prayers,  we ask You to help us to trust You.  Show Your hand hidden among the situations and circumstances, in the Name of Jesus, AMEN!!!

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