Friday, April 11, 2014

Jeremiah 46-48: The Great I Am

The chapters listed in the reading for today speak of God's discipline against the Gentile nations of Egypt, Philistia, and Moab.  Jeremiah had the "privilege" of delivering a word of discipline from the Lord against these idolatrous nations. 

I've been mediating on these chapters for a few weeks now.  Often, I receive insight applicable for right here, right now.  

In short...

  • Don't worship idols.

  • Don't disobey God's direction.

  • If you do, there are consequences.

I think if those Gentile nations had had an encounter with the Living God, the Great I Am, they wouldn't have turned to their own ways, serving gods of metal, wood and stone.

I think if we have an encounter with the Living God, the Great I Am, we wouldn't turn to our own ways, serving gods of money, power, and self.

"Great I Am" is one of those songs with such a strong anointing, that I can feel it breaking chains.  The Great I Am pours out His grace on us to stand firm against temptation and gives us resolve to continually give ourselves to Him.

Feeling the Great I Am, God Almighty touch my soul causes the draws of this world to dim.  Suddenly, a holy power fills my heart causing me to dance supernaturally.  There is no idolatry in this place, no temptation, only angel voices singing.  Now I am passionately worshipping along with heaven  for One alone!!!

Friends, this is where we go to insulate ourselves from sin and temptation!!!

I have a long drive to work, and use that time to worship.  This morning, I thought about this song and pictured myself dancing for Jesus.  Guess what song played as I drove home tonight?
I love the way you love me, Great I Am.

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