Friday, October 25, 2013

Time for a Train Change

Dream:  A woman was riding an old train used to transport goods from place to place.  This train was controlled by personnel of advanced age.  She knew her destination, but the train stopped short of it.  She disembarked into the train yard, not sure of how she would reach her final destination.  As she walked away from the train which had transported her as far as it could, she noticed the tracks it was on had just stopped. No new tracks had been laid.  The train stopped because it was unable to move farther; there was no tracks for it to move upon.

As she walked across the train yard, she noticed a beautiful blue passenger train. She climbed the steps onto the train to be met by a man who informed her that the train could indeed take her to the appointed destination, but that not enough workers had been assigned to the train.  The train could not move without the appropriate personnel.  

The woman disembarked the train and proceeded into the yard a second time, where she came upon two gorillas.  Their only motive was to fight the other. The woman watched as each gorilla worked on their car engines, each preparing their car for a head on collision with the other.  The woman found herself between the two warring gorillas.  She knew if she stayed between them she would be injured or even killed as an innocent bystander in the gorillas warfare!  Then she heard the Conductor call her.  

The passenger train had been made ready with workers.  As the woman climbed onto the train a second time, she was greeted by the train personnel.  They all had on the line's uniforms and hats. These people were multi-generational.  Young children would be working along side of those advanced in age.  The woman knew in her heart that she would reach her destination.

I am the woman.  You are the woman.

Life's journey leads us on paths, which guide us to our ultimate destination.  As the train's path stops short of the intended destination, we may need to change trains (paths).  Disembark from one train (path) in order to board the next.  Never despise the old train (path).  It did its part in getting you to the place where the new path (train) awaits.  The transition from the old to the new can be dangerous, but the Conductor (Jesus) will call us, thereby removing us from the position between those in conflict, a place of danger.  We are safe because we heeded His call and boarded the new train, which will transport us to the new destination.  All the workers come together because the Conductor called, and they responded.  They did it for the Conductor, but to also to serve the woman.  Each was happy to assist the woman get back on the path that the Conductor had set for her.

Listen for His call, friends.  Your path is changing.  Don't stay on a path because it is familiar or comfortable.  Paths end, new ones begin.  This is life.  Be flexible, hear His Spirit.  Don't shrink back from the change.  The path set before you is life and health and peace.  He is conducting you on the path set before you.  Your destiny lies along this path.  Your ultimate destination, the arriving point only occurs when you step onto the golden streets of holy city Jerusalem and behold His face for eternity.  Receive courage!  Don't listen to the naysayers!  Listen only to Him!!!  He is calling you!!!  He longs for you to receive His direction.   In the name of Jesus, AMEN!!!

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NitaM said...

Bellann, I was reading the section of recent journaling where I had mentioned your blog on train changes. While looking at the word 'transition' it occurred to me that with a slight rearrangement 'trains' is right there before our eyes. So I began to wonder if 'train' is symbolic language for God to show us that when we change trains we have completed the stage of transition we have been in. Then I remembered that recently He told me "The Great Turnaround" and I remembered from years ago that there was a roundtable in the railyards at Enola where the trains were turned around. I think there is a new wealth of information about to come together from these musings. I know the Turnaround has already begun in my own family, but I also know it will be corporate, national and global. Something is very close. Getting excited again!