Monday, November 12, 2012

Spiritual Self-evaluation

Reprint from my Facebook status from November 7th.

Spiritual self-evaluation is a periodic necessity.

Holy Spirit, examine my heart-it's motives, thoughts and attitudes. My desire is that no earthly thing would influence my soul in a way that is displeasing to You.

Give me the grace to forgive continued and longstanding offenses. You forgave me, Lord! Touch those who have no comprehension of how their actions, words and attitudes have hurt me and others.

Holy Spirit sensitize us to You...Your ways, Your attitudes, Your Holiness!!! Break down our self-erected walls of which the evil one has had little influence, except an occasional whispering lie.

You are my Defense! You are my Desire! You give joy that cannot be snuffed out by circumstances. Your fruit draws others to You when that fruit is truly grown by the Spirit's influence.

It's not about a human personality, whether charismatic or sweet. It's all about representing Your character through the uniqueness You have woven into each of us.

I come to You again this day of November 7th, 2012 at 10:57 am, asking for grace, requiring Your power to flow through me.

My life will make a difference for You, Lord. I will touch others for You, stirring life and hope. Prince of Peace, be my Guide. No thing can be accomplished through striving, but only through submitting to You.

I am Yours...FOREVER!

Your own,
Beautiful Grace

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