Thursday, July 14, 2011

Health Update: The Bride of Christ is Beautiful!

Dear Friends,

My health has been flourishing!  I continue with my dietary and exercise changes, and I am seeing much improvement in my clarity of thought, muscular strength, endurance, and complexion...all benefits from a healthy lifestyle!

The only physical difficulty that has resurfaced is an old right lower back and hip issue.  I believe that toning my muscles without proper stretching is the cause.  My wonderful friend, Pure-hearted Prayer, prayed for me and it resolved only to resurface two days ago.  It really hurts as it pinches my sciatic nerve and sends electric pain from my hip to my big toe; It even interferes with my sleeping during the times it is aggravated.

I met with my oncologist yesterday.  I had had a series of hormonal tests completed approximately 3 weeks ago, which according to his point of view, were great.  He commented, "You must be doing something right."  He also said, "I think you've seen enough doctors lately.  I won't need to see you until January."  :)  He admitted it was difficult for him as a doctor not to prescribe medication, but he didn't place any pressure on me.  :)

Surgery in order to replace the expander on the left side and to insert the permanent prosthesis on the right is scheduled for tomorrow.  I am not scared, but I do feel a sense of hesitation in regards to this procedure.  Memories of the left side's infection are most probably the cause. 

  • I have had opportunities to prophetically encourage others!  It's how God made me, and enjoy expressing His love in this way!!!
  • I am now running exactly 1/2 of the 5k distance and walk the remainder.  I am planning on actually competing in an official race the end of September.  My goal is to run the entire distance.
  • I have added swimming laps to my exercise routine and now am able to swim 400 yards in 12 minutes!  Thank you, Chrispy for encouraging me in my exercise routine.
  • I am learning more and more about alternative foods. 
  • I found a non-dairy, non-soy, cheese substitute and was excited to be able to eat a toasted cheese sandwich again.  ;) 
  • Eating "Beautiful Grace's Frozen Treat" has curbed my summertime craving for ice cream.  ;)
  • My family, friends, and co-workers continue to show their support and love.  Can anyone say, "BLESSED"?!?!
  • The fear of man thing has attempted to resurface a few times, BUT God immediately intervened before any agitation of soul could commence.  Yay, Jesus!!! :)
  • The Lord is reminding me of what I tell my patients.  I cannot change the thoughts, words or behavior of others.  I can only choose my response to thoughts, my words, my behavior.  My choice is to forgive and love, love, love!!!  No evil hook will be lodged in me!!!
  • According to the blood test, my cortizol level is within normal limits.  This hormone is released when the body undergoes physical and/or emotional stress.  Man's test confirms the peace I have been experiencing in my soul.  Yay, Jesus!!!
  • The blood test also revealed a level of testosterone as low as a post menopausal woman????  I guess you all won't have to worry about me turning into a hulkette any time soon.  :) 
  • Continued peace...
  • No infection or any other adverse reaction from tomorrow's surgery in the name of Jesus!!!
  • I am losing more time at work, so please pray for financial provision for our family.  Buying organic food has dramatically impacted the amount of money I spend for groceries each week!
  • Complete resolution of my back/hip issue!
  • That Strongman, Consecrated, Fire and I each would be drawn by the Holy Spirit, knitting our hearts to Jesus as individuals and as a family unit.
  • Peace and strength for Strongman as he once again will care for me during my recovery.  He has much responsibility on his shoulders!

Knowing I am not alone during this season comforts me.  Thank you all for your continued love, support and prayers.  I continue to witness the beauty of the Bride of Christ as she moves as Jesus moves!!!  You all are BEAUTIFUL!!!

With Much Love and Appreciation Always...
Beautiful Grace :)


Anonymous said...

It's people like you that inspire me to get into politics, this is the type of motivation that inspire Christians with political knowledge to be leaders. God bless you, girl. I wish you the best.

aliciamarie911 said...

I'm just dropping by to say hello. I hope all is well. I thought that you were on my blog list of the people I follow, but apparently you weren't...but, now you are! :)



Beautiful blog!!!