Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Health Update: Peace is the Greatest Gift for this Season

Dear Blog Friends,

During the worship portion of church this past Sunday, I was thinking about peace.  Peace is more valuable than possessions or paid bills, more precious than calm surroundings or lack of troubles.  Peace is even more important than physical health.  Our bodies are *corruptible, meaning they are in the process of dying; whether or not we struggle with a disease or sickness, each of our bodies are dying at varying rates.  Peace transcends this corruptible physical world and transports to a place of internal stillness and calm.  This is the place where Jesus' voice is heard the clearest.  I love to be with Jesus in the place of peace that He has fashioned just for me.  From the beginning of this season, peace has been my guide; Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

When I think about all that has happened to my corruptible body since November of last year, I marvel at the greatness of my God Who has held, consoled, healed and empowered this earthly vessel.  He took an awful situation and used it to propel me into the next phase of my destiny.  My God is so good that He can use any "thing" for His glory, and I am humbled that He chose me.

On Tuesday, I will receive my final saline fill on the left, then it must "rest" for three months as a "scar pocket" forms in order to house the permanent implant.  After that, surgery will be scheduled, most probably in December.


*God has empowered me to continue with my lifestyle changes in diet and exercise. 

*My body is responding to this change in lifestyle making me look and feel healthier.

*Of all the things with which Jesus has blessed, peace is the most precious!  :)  I believe the peace that the Lord has given has been my greatest testimony during this season.  Peace speaks louder than words to others.

*The Lord has brought other woman into my path who have or have had breast cancer.  I speak life and hope in Jesus each time I am given the opportunity. 

*Jesus protected me from injury during an accident I had while coming home from work, two Tuesdays ago.  In the split second hitting the guardrail, I thought the air bag would smack me, but it didn't.  I didn't even get sore.

*The abnormal labs I reported in my last email were repeated and came back fine.  Thanks for praying!


*I have had random bouts of extreme fatigue.  If you could pray that I would be able to determine the cause of this, I would appreciate it.

*Finances have been tight.  Tony's work has slowed; we now have two sons in college, and my recent accident have caused an increase in bills.

You are all precious to me!  Thank you for standing with me.
With Much Love Always...

Beautiful Grace

decayed, that is, (by implication) perishable: - corruptible.
from Strong


Debbie said...

Dear Beautiful Grace,

I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog and your latest post in particular.

What stood out most to me: "Peace is more valuable than possessions or paid bills."

Thank you so much for those encouraging words, you have no idea what they did for me. May God continue to bless and keep you.

Jo Royal said...

Lovely encouraging blog to be given by blogger as the 'next blog' :) I enjoyed reading through a few of your posts - very uplifting and encouraging. Thank you for sharing on the blogosphere :)


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Diamond said...
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Joan said...

Peace comes as we become less complicated in our lives and trust that the Lord Jesus Christ will provide everything that we need for peace and happiness. Lovely blog, Grace, God bless you. Joan.

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