Friday, March 27, 2009

Behold the Lamb

Fire and I had the blessing of attending Sight and Sound's production, "Behold the Lamb," yesterday. We were blessed to purchase discounted tickets and attended with some fellow homeschooling friends.

Feeling the Presence of the Holy Spirit during the performance was intensified as I watched actors act out the ministry of Jesus. I rejoiced with the blind man who received his sight, wept as Jesus stood on behalf of the sinner woman and then forgave her, and exuberantly applauded as Mary the Magdalene was delivered from demonic possession.

Thank You, Jesus, for allowing Fire and I to experience this dramatic worship!


Maria Matter said...

So glad you & Fire were able to attend this beautiful experience!
Blessings, Maria

Crown of Beauty said...

Would have loved to have been there too! Praise God for this precious treat for you and Fire!

Sandy @Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

So glad you got to go. I know they are tremendous discounts for homeschoolers last week. I knew you would love it. The show really makes you feel as if you were there!
You should have told me you were in my neck of the woods. :)

Anonymous said...

i got to see that, too. i feel like the word "amazing" doesn't even begin to sum it up...