Monday, December 28, 2015

Luke 4-5: Amazing Surprises!

The Luke 4:1-13, wilderness account of the temptation of Jesus stirs courage in me.  Jesus was tempted in three domains...his physical need for food, his exclusive worship of God, and his trust in God's protection. 

On each point, Jesus prevailed by referencing the written Word of God.  In my case, I have been tempted to become anxious regarding some very specific prayer requests, which lay heavily upon my heart.  The Lord countered this ongoing temptation by His Word in my spirit.  I keep hearing, "Trust Me," yet the prayers seemingly remain unanswered.  

Last week, during the middle of the night, I had been tossing and turning because my hip was aching (I hadn't stretched properly after a workout).  The thought came to me that I hadn't yet asked the Lord about the coming year.  Before I could even finish the thought, the Lord said, "Amazing Surprises."  Immediately, I thought of the ongoing, unanswered prayers and how God keeps encouraging me to trust Him.  

I'm excited to experience 2016's "Amazing Surprises."  I am so thankful for God's continued and numerous interventions in 2015.

Friends, let me encourage you to seek God's Word for your personal 2016.  He is such a good Encourager and Guide!

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