Monday, June 2, 2014

Ezekiel 1-4: The Serpent is Trampled

I am a runner. To vary my workouts, I change up my running routes. My newest route takes me over a dirt road beside a creek. While running, I noticed a snake which had been squished most probably by a passing car. As I ran yesterday, I ran over the flattened snake then the Lord showed me the symbolism.

The car represents what Jesus did on the cross. He crushed the head of the serpent (satan). Jesus power trumped the power of the evil one. As I run here on earth, I run over the crushed snake; it's power is already defeated. I am free to keep running my race, doing the things God has called me to accomplish here in this life! No power of hell can stop me, because Jesus has won!!!

The evil one's attempts to seduce by whispering lies and using the spirit of fear to control, BUT the serpent is crushed. Fear's attempts are useless as long as we (I) remember the crushed serpent. Fear of men, their judgments, their "behind door" conversations hold no power.

Ezekiel 2:6
Amplified Bible (AMP)

6 And you, son of man, be not afraid of them, neither be afraid of their words; though briers and thorns are all around you and you dwell and sit among scorpions, be not afraid of their words nor be dismayed at their looks, for they are a *rebellious house.

My God certainly has a way of encouragement! Yesterday morning, I had the choice to succumb to the fear of men or to obey the voice of His Spirit. I chose the listen and obey the Spirit and deny the voice of fear. The result was a young man who desperately needs the Lord witnessed the actions of one who loves the Lord with all of her heart and demonstrates that love with abandoned worship. Obedience resulted in a young man's heart being exposed to passionate worship!

The serpent is crushed. Life results. Keeping running. Keep listening. Keep obeying!

Spirit of the Living God, You have empowered us to run our earthly race.  We run over the crushed serpent; it holds no power over us!  Thank You for Your grace!  In the name of Victorious Jesus!  AMEN!!!

*Note:  I was not in an atmosphere of a "rebellious house" though the evil one still attempted to stir the fear of men.


Nita M said...

I believe the Lord is confirming to me something He told me in 2007, something I believed with all my heart although I did not understand it. He told me that He would hand me the serpent's tooth, this in relation to the serpent's bite on my beloved that caused the destruction of his kidneys. He went Home very abruptly to the Lord in August,2007, but that promise is still INTACT!

Whatever God says is FOREVER! I'm getting that tooth, don't know how or when or what it will look like, but it is MINE! Just like Jesus, my face is set like flint.

Laure Covert said...

Yes! wonderful truth!

Beautiful Grace said...

Nita, yes, God's word stands FOREVER! Bless you!!!

Dear Laure, thanks for your encouragement.

RETA said...

What a beautiful post!!! I will never forget your lesson, scriptures and analogy. Thank you so much!