Friday, August 20, 2010

The Little Blue Metro That Could...The Continuing Saga

Once upon a time...

The Little Blue Metro continues to carry his brother, the man,

To art school they go just as fast as they can.

While the father of the family of four,

Maintains Little Blue and keeps him restored.

He checks the tires, the oil, and gas;

He takes the time to make him last.

BUT, poor father, with his head in a fuzz,

Forgot to put the oil cap back where it does.

Brother, the man, calls father in a hurry,

Father, "The Metro, he's smoking.  I'm worried."

In a flash, father by Metro's side

As father lovingly cleaned poor Metro's hide

Covered with oil and soot

Little Blue Metro's engine, not kaput!

The Little Blue Metro continues to carry, his brother, the man

To art school they go just as fast as they can.

Day after day and many days more,

Thankful for Metro's faithful service to the family of four.

Through crashes and smashes and oil smoke, galore!

I'm a little late with this post as this actually happened December of 2009.
And the Little Blue Metro lives on...

The Little Blue Metro That Could

The Little Blue Metro That Could, Again


Steve Finnell said...

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Goodnight Tuesday said...

Lovely. I cried when we got rid of our little car...

I agree with your life philosophy also.